Adressen til Bmaster ændret til http://srv05.oevsv.at/bmaster+/#

Link opdateret


IPSC2 Opdateret  med følgende indhold.. 



bMaster+ Bridge now working with fixed booked groups and "home" groups. This are the groups you can comunicate with TGs which are only foreighn booked

More Threads for voice-messages

Larger RX-queue (250000 bytes)

Send Server Stop command to all connected MMDVM Clients

More details on the Dashboards

Some more minor fixes

IPSC2 Opdateret  med følgende indhold..


IPSC2 CC-CC Link 5-fig TGs fixed 
!Info! ... 5-fig TGs only working for Openbridge, CC-CC and INTERLINK if the start with the MCC (Country-ID or Neighbor-ID)

IPSC2 DV4mini-Dongle now allow on TS1 more Talkgroups 5/6/7/110

IPSC2 XLX-Link now using ID from Master-TAB Configuration

IPSC2 LOG-Lines now all lines starts with Timestamp

IPSC2 added 3rd COUNTRY-ID (MCC) so all can use 3 times 5-fig group

 IPSC2 Opdateret  med følgende indhold..

version 9.01.03
-IPSC2	On closing the IPSC2 (even by hand with ctrl+c) i think this will solve the loosing MOTOROLA issue
		- All MMDVM get the Master-Down " MSTCL" Command so they stop polling for Heardbeat
		- All internal Threads will be stopped before the Programm stops
		- All open UDP-Ports will be closed per command
		- DK/Brian: sort for Status and Service TAB - first 6-fig and second 7,8,9-fig connections
		- BRIDGE "Homecall" - you can reach now all booked Talkgroups from all IPSC2 Servers without including
		  the talkgroup to your own MATRIX and without book this groups via "BRIDGE hook"
		  This wish came from DK because with this new feature "BRIDGE Homecall" you can open a stream from all IPSC2
		  without added e.g. 238 to all their MATRIX and BRIDGES. The only differences between booked via MATRIX and not
		  is that you can only call home and not call back after holdtimer stopped.
		  So we need BRIDGED Talkgroups on both sides for 1,2,10,13,113 and so on to communicate every time in both directions

Hytera Firmware/Hardware Disply sometimes missed
On reboot only matrix for TS1 was loaded ... TS2 missed
 IPSC2 Opdateret  med følgende indhold..

version 8.11.31 new -IPSC2 MAX registerd User now 130000 -IPSC2 Threads now have names you can use top -H -p #### or ps -T -p #### to see the Threads are running ####...ipscserver PID -IPSC2 MAX HYTERA Clients now 400 per IPSC2 -IPSC2 TellUS Client-handler on udp port 54003 included - now more than one HYTERA-Repeater RD6xx, RD9xx can be connected from one Internet-IP

  IPSC2 Opdateret  med følgende indhold..

version 8.11.26
-IPSC2	HYTERA Rpeater not reported correct to LastHeard Page (http://ham-dmr.de/userlive/ipsc_master.php)

IPSC2 Opdateret  med følgende indhold..

version 8.11.25
Det blev ikke klart hvilke rettelse denne indeholder 


 25-11-2018  Link til ny Lastheard der dækker hele DMR+ tilføjet under DMR+ DK STATUS

 DMR+ master er luket ned. Alle bruger skal forbinde til IPSC2-DK 

For at holde forsinkelser i kæden nede for at arbejde med ny og mere effektiv kode er DMR+masteren blevet gjort overflødig og er nu fjernet.


  IPSC2 Opdateret  med følgende indhold..

version 8.11.24
-IPSC2	More Info on new LastHeard Page (http://ham-dmr.de/userlive/ipsc_master.php)

 IPSC2 Opdateret  med følgende indhold..

version 8.11.20
-IPSC2	BRIDGE definition now on TS2 too

-IPSC2	new features for internal commnication -> bMaster+ ACTIVE TAB

-IPSC2	MMDVM HOTSPOTs not all booked MATRIX columns set to "0" after disconect 
 05-11-2018 IPSC2 Opdateret  med følgende indhold.. 
version 8.11.04
-IPSC2	INTERLINK MASTER with longer name now posible (some times segmentaion fault)

version 8.11.01
-IPSC2	New features to better communicate with new bMaster+ - System
 28-10-2018  Kontakt DMR+ Netværk tilføjet
07-10-2018  Private kald tilføjet DMR funktionalitet
06-10-2018  Kontakt DMR+ - Repeater tilføjet
05-10-2018  Last heard / IPSC status updateret.
04-10-2018 ID nummer tilføjet under DMR funktioner